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Composer's Corner: Mandala Music

Published February 22, 1963

In what was a preview for KPFA’s first concert in the Performer’s Choice Series, held in February of 1963, Loren Rush presents rehearsal out-takes of his group improvisation piece, “Mandala Music”. Joining him for a discussion of this aleatoric piece and its graphic score, is program host Will Ogdon, Glenn Glasow, and Phil Winsor. Will Ogdon’s attempts to understand this then new form of composition and score writing are illustrative of the challenges many music listeners had with accepting the new music of the 20th Century. Rush’s clear and concise explanation of his schema serve as an excellent primer for those very same modern compositional techniques. The role of chance, of the influence of individual performers, the implications for teaching future musicians, and the possibility for popular success for such new music is all roundly discussed in this interesting and informative program.

Run time 58 min


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